peyton leather carryall in melon

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  1. hey all!
    don't yell at me, but, i exchanged my spectator in acorn for the peyton leather carryall in melon...i really just wanted a fun, pop of bright color for the spring/summer and i really fell for this, i exchanged it today...what are your thoughts about this bag? the picture is from the COACH website...the funny thing is i am so NOT an orange person, but this doesn't look like orange...anyway, thoughts? thanks!!!!
  2. It's a lovely bag, the leather is TDF, the kind you want to pet, and it's definitely not orange, it's a pretty peach/pink true melon color (I hate orange but I love the color). I don't think you can go wrong with this bag.
  3. when do you think it would be okay to start using this bag? (i live in the cold and snowy northeast!)and i agree, i hate orange too, but LOVE this bag!
  4. I have this in camel. i think it's the most chic, adorable bag! enjoy your melon peyton. did u get the regular size?
  5. I really like this bag. I am going to start using my "summer bag" in April... which is my new madison hippie. I think that's sort of when it's okay to get out some spring clothes. I love the melon bag that you bought. More than the acorn. The acorn is a little blah to me. It just depends on your style. the melon is def not orange though. It's a great summer colour.
  6. I'm actually really surprised, I saw the peyton IRL when it first came out but never tried it on... I tried it on just for s*its and giggles and I actually liked it... its gorgeous on!
  7. ita coach girl! i thought it was kind of meh, but, then today i tried it on and then i even got it in a color i would never think of getting it in!!!! i love it! the acorn spectator is a gorgeous bag but i needed something many seasons do you think this bag is wearable?
  8. mema i got the regular size...not the large...the regular size really fits a lot and i don't like schlepping around a ton of stuff during the summer when i'm not teaching...
  9. I would consider it more of a Salmon than orange. :yes:
  10. I like that bag and think the poka-dot lining is really cool..
  11. i am trying to somehow justify buying one of the peytons in this colour or the blue...i LOVE the style, they are so classy and the colours are beautiful. every time i go in to or walk by coach it's all i can look at lol

    as for how many seasons it's wearable: i have 2 coach bags that i won't carry in the winter, and i'm planning on busting them out as soon as the salty slush is gone around here (toronto area). i will probably carry my spring/summer bags until september, so long as i'm wearing clothes that are still more warm-weather clothes. just my opinion :smile:
  12. [/ATTACH]

    Yesterday, I purchased the canvas in bone/flax/silver at Macys. Later I read the cleaning card and it can't be cleaned. I'm confused on this. I thought just the sateen could not be cleaned. So tonight I went to the Coach store and ordered it in the blue/silver leather. They were out of the blue. I'm very conservative and hope this was a good decision. I always buy black, grey or brown. The SA all voted on the blue. I plan on carrying it all year long since it's not a light blue. They agreed, but, of course, wanted a sale. I'll use it as a shoulder bag. Had a coat on and I could still put on my shoulder. Yay. Think it's okay to carry all year long? What am I thinking??? This is my 5th bag since the beginning of December. I think a scarf with the blue in it would be cute.

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  13. i think the blue is beautiful...i was going to get the blue because it is a year round bag, but, i decided not to play it so safe this time and go with a really bright pop of, i think you made a great decision and you can wear it all year round! congrats! she's a beauty!
  14. Thanks! I am one that can never make up my mind. I love, love the melon color too. Just too many decisions. Congrats to you too. Have fun in Florida. Be sure to carry that beautiful bag. Perfect!
  15. Hi,
    Congrats!!! I say go with the bag you like!!! The carryall was nice but this Peyton does have a pop to it!!! I have also seen it IRL. She is Beautiful!!!! (wish it had a long strap too!!! ) I like the availability of both!!! Enjoy!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
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