Peyton Carryall or Lindsay Shopper... which would you choose?

Peyton Caryall or Lindsay Shopper... which would you choose?

  • Peyton Caryall

  • Lindsay Shopper

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Feb 8, 2008
I can't decide between the Peyton Carryall or the Lindsay Shopper, they are about the same size and shape and I like the looks of both. The are both multi compartment satchels that look like the fit on the shoulder and hold a ton. What would you choose and why? Pros and Cons from anyone who owns these bags? TIA!


Mar 24, 2009
Atlanta, GA
hmm... tough question... given the opportunity and the budget, i would get both

they are both big, beautiful, behemoths and i adore them but let me at least try to be of a little assistance to you :smile:

if you need more square footage, the peyton is a better choice... i can shove my usual purse contents in one of the main compartments while my laptop, appt calendar and portfolio fill the other... the front compartments hold my laptop accessories and cells... if you're getting a patent one, it's fantastic for unpredictable weather and the grey patent in probably one of my all-favorite bags... because of the size of the peyton, there's a big risk of over-filling her to the point of making her cumbersome and uncomfortable to carry... when filled, she doesn't carry well as a shoulder bag

the linday is so rich in details but cannot do double duty as a business or baby bag... the compartments are great for keeping my cells within close reach... it is a bit more feminine that the peyton, to me but she still has a bit of an edge thanks to the pieces of leather on the zipper pulls... this is a beautiful bag

i absolutely cannot recommend one over the other


Oct 11, 2007
I had both bags... in terms of practicality I prefer the Peyton because it fits over the shoulder more comfortably & is much lighter weight. The patent isn't as high maintenance either. It is bigger than the Lindsay.

The Hamptons vintage leather is gorgeous though & the Lindsay is a great bag too, so either way you can't go wrong. Good luck with your decision :smile:


Apr 29, 2009
I also can't choose one over the other. I have 2 of each and both styles rock! (Putty and Teal Lindsays and Red Patent and Pealized Green Peytons) The Lindsay is more dressy IMO, but the Peyton holds more. Also, the Peyton is more comfortable to carry on my shoulder. It can be done with the Lindsay but the handles are shorter and makes my arm stick out, so for me Lindsay is an arm crook or hand carried purse. I guess for comfort and ease of being able to put everything plus the kitchen sink in it - Peyton wins. (plus add in the yummy Legacy lining!) But, when I want more style then Lindsay wins. I do end up using Peyton more for real every day life needs, and pull out a Lindsay only for special occasions. Also, Lindsay is heavier than Peyton if that makes a difference.


Feb 8, 2008
Thanks so much for the input, this is soooo helpful! I had no idea that the Lindsay really isn't comfortable on the shoulder, that is a biggy for me, I need my bags to fit on my shoulder. Also, my lifestyle is definitely more casual so if the Lindsay is dressier that's another strike. And I love the ease of care of a patent leather like on the Peyton. I'm already thinking the Peyton would be much more practical for me from everything said! Thanks so much!!!


Aug 26, 2009
Austin TX
Get the Peyton if you need a shoulder bag, get the lindsey if you want more of a satchel. I have owned both and prefer the Peyton. Good luck with your decision!


Sep 20, 2008
Fort Bragg, NC
I am no help - I have the lindsey and would like to have the peyton - both are great bags. I think it will come done to what you want to use the bag for good luck.


Loves Charms & Bags
Feb 17, 2009
IMHO, they aren't really the same size, Peyton is taller and boxier looking.
Since the Peyton is larger, it's more of a work bag in that there would be no reason to use it if one didn't need the extra room to carry stuff.

Lindsay is more of a nice everyday bag. Lots of compartments & room for stuff, but not oversized like the Peyton is.


Feb 21, 2006
Twin Cities MN
^^ Yeah I didn't notice the Carryall part, that's a different bag than the one shown (Legacy Peyton) but I'd still pick the Peyton Carryall (from the Peyton line) over the Lindsay. I really like how the Lindsay looked, but it's heavy and looks a little disproportionate when worn, with the long handles and boxy lozenge shape. I dunno, it's a tough decision but if I had to buy:

Legacy Peyton > Peyton leather Carryall in the larger size (I really like the pink Croc embossed one) > Lindsay shopper


Feb 8, 2008
^Oh, I didn't know there the peyton carryall and legacy peyton were 2 different bags. I meant the one in the picture, but I'm off to look the other one up! Thanks for helping out a coach newbie! :smile:


Feb 8, 2008
Oh, I see, the Peyton Carryall is from the new line, more of a tote. Yes, then I meant the Legacy Peyton. Thanks!