Pewterlicious baby! Come and see my new Besace...

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  1. YSL calls all the dark grays Anthracite, so the official name is Volcano Leather in Anthracite. A picture from earlier in the season showed this bag as having silver hardware but the ones that Neiman's stocked have antique gold hardware. I loooooooove the pewter leather/gold hardware combo. And the leather takes on the color of things around it, making my Besace a lovely little chameleon....

    Picture taken in the shade after the sun was partly down

    Picture taken in direct sun

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  2. Love it! The pewter is such a gorgeous and eyecatching color!
  3. The pewter is sooooooo unbelievably gorgeous IRL. What a versatile neutral. I love the textured volcano leather and am glad you were able to pick one up!!!

    Congratulations, seriously!
  4. It is gorgeous!!! I can't wait to get mine!!! Thanks for the great pics showing the chameleon nature.
  5. Love the colour! Congrats!
  6. oh dear. it looks much better IRL!
  7. Gorgeous color for a besace! Congrats!
  8. Ooooo, majorly jealous here! I seriously contemplated getting this earlier in the fall, but since I've already got a few silver and grey bags, I went with the black Besace instead. This one will always be close to my heart, lol. Congrats adoptastray. Its beautiful. :love:
  9. Congrats Adoptastray.....stunning Besace!
  10. Thanks so much for the compliments Luxx, chinsomo, eisse, jellybebe, hansyu, girlygirl3, cosmopolitan and authenticplease!!

    It is prettier IRL than some of the web photos have shown. And with the texture of the Volcano leather, the shoulder strap does not slip--an added bonus!

  11. I am seriously jealous - it is such a pretty bag with the brass hardware. Congrats!
  12. This is the most beautiful Besace I've ever seen, seriously I love this color. It's gorgeous. Congratulations!
  13. Just thought you would like to know that NM has pewter besace and gold besace on sale, as well as pony hair on sale. Call Esther, 508-620-5700
  14. Awesome!
  15. Stunning color. It looks great in the light. Wonderful choice!