Pewter Work

  1. the seller is a PFer. go for it!
  2. Ditto what chigirl said - its a great deal, and she's a PFer!
  3. CeeJay, I've been eyeing this one too! It's gorgeous! I say "Go for it!" too!
  4. I agree it is a great deal--go for it! :smile: Also, how do you ladies know which sellers are PFers? Is there a place that lists them? I would love to know so I know who to trust on eBay. :smile:
  5. I'm not sure about that, but this particular member uses the same screen name on both eBay and PF, so we know its her.

    I think if you try looking through the Authenticate This forum, there might be a list of trustworthy eBay sellers in there somewhere.
  6. yeppers, if you can't stop thinking about it, you should go for it CeeJay :yes:
  7. I've been looking at it too Ceejay, it looks gorgeous!
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