Pewter Work on E-bay

  1. Ooh...gorgeous bag, great price! I wish the Work size came with a shoulder strap! I hope someone grabs's a steal!
  2. ooo pretty. love that color.
  3. oh-mi-gosh! what a beautiful bag! i've never seen the pewter in work size! whoever gets this will be very lucky!
  4. It's a beautiful bag. But, both of my Work bags have the silverplate tag...not the leather tag. Does that make it suspect???
  5. No, this is a good seller I've bought ton from her, if anything add her to your fav. sellers list.

    Also, metallics have different inner tags.
  6. If it's a 2005 color, then according to the metallics don't have metal tags inside -- only leather tag.

    I just double-checked my Bronze City (2005 metallic color) from Cricket and it indeed only has a bronze leather tag inside, no metal tag.

    Not that I'm 100% sure about that Pewter Work's authenticity...just trying to clear up the metal-vs.-leather tag aspect.
  7. Oh oh ... this is on my 'WANT' :love: list ...

    Still at work ... can't view the auction; when is the end date?
  8. 8 days 20 hours. But there's a BIN for 1100....
  9. 2004 pewter had the metal tag, 2005 did not. What's unfortunate or fortunate is that they put pewter out two years running. Actually, this is true for 2004 metallics and 2005 metallics, not just the pewter color.

    I am so hoping that we'll see some fabulous metallics this holiday season.... Anyone else???
  10. Somebody BIN-ed it! It's gone, ladies...
  11. Good!!!
  12. Count me in!
  13. :lol: yeah, winona, so glad it's gone too! :lol: i was going :wacko: just looking at it and my wallet was looking at me like :Push: :mad:
  14. im not a big fan of the metallics but this one is pretty. love the size