Pewter Regular Hardware - Anyone craving it??


Do you crave Regular Hardware Pewter??

  1. I dream of the resurrection of RH Pewter!!

  2. The return of RH Pewter in basic colors only: white-black-red

  3. RH Pewter - no thanks!!

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  1. I was wondering if others are craving Pewter RH as much as I am? Although I very much like the present Brass RH and would be very sad if they stopped producing it - there are some colors I would much prefer having the possibility of purchasing with Pewter RH.

    Colder colors like seafoamish greens, grays and most blues marry so much better with pewter in my opinion. We have a great example of this with the 100th anniversary Aqua City with Gunmetal GH that has so much more umph! than Aqua with Brass RH or Gold GH. Wouldn't it be nice if the basic colors like white, black and red were available in both Pewter and Brass at all times? What if the Pre-Spring and Fall collections had Brass, and the Pre-Fall and Spring collections had Pewter?

    I'm just daydreaming here but I'd love to know your opinions on the subject :smile:
  2. I'm not missing the pewter RH. I think there is so much variety at the moment with GH & SGH, plus the RH in brass. I wouldn't like to see Bal introduce another hardware just yet. I am sure pewter or silver RH will be back someday - perhaps as a LE? I love the simplicity and vintage feel of Bbags. Perhaps when the GH hype is well and truly over...
  3. I agree Bal has come out with many new hardware options with the GH but for those who don't care for GH - Brass remains the only possible choice...
  4. I wouldn't experience a moment of sadness if GH seized to exist. And I would be plain thrilled :yahoo: if we could have the option of buying anything with either brass or pewter! or just pewter, for that matter :yes:
  5. I love the pewter hardware...would definitely love to see it come back! Great question, earthkeeper!
  6. I would love pewter RH, but I'd really, really love gold and silver SHINY RH. I think the shine really dresses up the bags, which is nice, but I don't like the enormity, weight, and texture of the GH.
  7. I love pewter hardware, it compliments a lot of colors well and brings a whole other dimension to it without being the center of attention the way giant hardware is.

    It's subtle yet totally cool!
  8. Personally, I prefer Brass(don't like GH, so RH only for moi!). I think it compliments the vintage aesthetic of Bbags the best.

    I still like pewter hardware and I wouldn't mind an OPTION of pewter or brass(for RH), but if they stop producing brass RH, I'd be devastated! (I was devastated when Balenciaga stopped brass hardware in 2003!:crybaby:)
  9. I love the antique hardware so much I completely forgot about the shiny ones. I must agree I would love to add a clutch or shoulder in Shiny Gold RH to my collection :graucho:

    I wonder how well that hardware ages?
  10. An option every once in a while would definitely be refreshing!
    RH lover here finds it unfair GH got 3 new colors in the course of the same year... :confused1:
    Gunmetal should have been RH...
  11. hi i'm a bit confused, whats the diff between brass and pewter? any pic comparision. I have only 07/06 bags so I know brass- what does pewter look lik?
  12. I would love to be able to choose. I love the silver hardware on my '02 Suede. like both shiny and Pewter and brass ;)
  13. HI... I personally LOVE all the HW that Balenciaga has used but with that being said the Pewter is #1 in my book and I would LOVE to see it come back. I thought the Pewter HW looked GORGEOUS on the Red, Black and White bags...JMO
  14. I would love to see pewter RH backas an option and also I agree that silver shiny RH like on the metallics and the matelesse would be amazing!!!!
  15. I agree 100% with Cheshire, but I still love the pewter more than any other hw. It has to make a comeback!