Pewter hobo for a great price

  1. I just saw that she has a couple other bags too.
  2. Whoa -- I've never seen this site before. That taupe office is at a great price, too!
  3. I have gotten an LV bag from her. She is really nice and does not use tPF to sell her stuff.
  4. It's a great site, and she's a lovely person!
  5. Wow....that's lovely. So she sells authentic bags?
  6. lovely color (of course i think that). why can't it be a classique?!
  7. ill post pics when i get the hobo :rochard:
  8. congratulations on the pewter hobo! you will LOVE the color!!
  9. I hope so, I REALLY wanted a classique, but what the hell..the hobo is just as great, plus its a good shoulder bag for when im shopping :biggrin:

    ann and troy are great!
  10. I see she has a sky blue City too! hmmmmm.....
  11. bella03, have you seen the pewter in person yet??
    it's stunning imo!
  12. i am glad someone from the PF got it. i talked to ann yesterday (got another bag from LV) and she said she got a few calls about it. i am sure you will love it. i just got a hobo myself today from the shirise sale. i like the style so much more IRL.
  13. ah if i didn't have the first in pewter, i would have been all over it. but congrats bella!
  14. she doesn't charge tax or shippign at all