Pewter Hobo, all metallics...or not?


Metallics or not, would you choose a metallic b/b

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  1. :nuts: Well, I`m wondering what you guys think of the
    metallic bags, are they still in?
    I have a petwer and I`m not sure if they stay around
    and are still popular.
    Maybe right now but what in fall or winter?
    Can you guys post your opinions.
    Would you choose metallic or all the other colorful
    Please vote...thanks..:yahoo:
  2. thanks
  3. i think metallic is tacky imo
  4. Why are they tacky explain?
  5. I hope their still "IN" because I just bought a Silver Box! I normally don't like metallic but the Box is more of a going out bag and I only wear silver accessories so I thought this would be a GREAT bag.
  6. I would probably choose a regular leather B-bag. They just seem more versatile and classic. In the last 20 years or so, metallic bags have never really been "out," and I doubt they'll ever become totally faux pas, but I just prefer simpler bags. However, if I had the opportunity to have a pink or silver metallic box, I'd buy one in a heartbeat!

    Metallic bags are very attention-grabbing, and need to be worn with the right outfit in order to look right....which is kind of high-maintenance for me, and knowing my lazy and low-key personality, the poor bag would probably just sit all lonely in my closet!
  7. Thanks Kristydarling...that was an honest reply.
    I`m thinking really that I might just part with my
    pewter hobo, though the leather is so awsome.

    I might regret it, but ....there are so many other
    colors to choose from.
  8. I have a pewter bbag too...but I am afraid of the metallic color rubbing off that I haven't use it yet. For this reason, I would pick regular leather bag over metallic bag anytime. But metallic leather is soo beautiful though. I do want to get rid of it, but I know I will regret it later so it's still sitting in my closet. I don't think metallic bag will ever go out!
  9. My heart always stops when I see a metallic bag...I love them. I would not carry metallics exclusively, but I don't think they are a fad. Except maybe those super-shiny mirror types.
  10. Hey, i still prefer regular leathers than metallic even though i know that metallic are rare and discontinued.....but i'm not the person who knows how to handle this kinda of special leather.....:smile:
  11. I like metallics for occasions... I have a silver bbag and a gold suede/leather coach satchel. I love them both! I don't think metallic will ever go out of style, but also don't think they make a good everyday bag.
  12. Gwen, how do you keep your silver Bbags handles clean? Can you treat them like the normal Bbag leather?
  13. I like metalic bags occasionally. I have 04 Pewter Mini Twiggy and Coin Purse and love them. Pewter is the only metalic color I personally would carry as it's not too shiny.
    Small sized bags are great for metalic bags. Not too blingy, just edgy. I carry mine when I go out, and it's great. I think keeping the surface(of a metalic bag) is the key.
  14. i don't have any metallic b-bags. boo. i almost did a BIN for a pewter weekender a long time ago on eBay but someone bought it before me. since there have been reported problems with the leather flaking and the paint on the hardwards chipping off, i have shy away from purchasing any metallics.

    it shouldn't matter if something is "in" or not. if you love it then that is all that matters, because you will be rocking that bag like it is the most gorgeous bag in the world.
  15. Thanks Robotdoll...good comment...