pewter heaven on the 'bay right now

  1. geez... just when i'm not on the hunts for a pewter hardware bag right now there's tons of them on eBay. And i know down the road when I am looking for one I'll go nutzo! I hate when that happens. Where are the things you're looking for when you need (haha like we really need) them?! And when you're not looking for them BAM! they're everywhere!:confused1:
  2. So true. This happens to me all the time.
  3. :yes: Yes... always when I am trying to figure out what bag is going to be next... there are like 3 things off of my wishlist, then when I decide what to focus on getting.. poof, all gone!!

    :crybaby: I usually consider than an omen, that I should slow down on buying....
  4. So the moral of the story tnc, is to buy now :smile:
  5. of course !!!!
  6. The same thing happened when I wanted a Magenta bag, I searched and finally found one and bought it, than a week later there were no less than 7 Magenta bags on eBay...go figure.