Pewter handbags

  1. Well I fell in love with the BE Love Me and I'm seriously thinking about buying a second one in a different color, pewter.

    What does everyone here think about pewter handbags? Are they too flashy and harder to coordinate? Do you think they are trendy and a fad now or will they be around for years?

    I"m thinking if it's the right pewter (not too "loud") then it might be a lot of fun/cute.

    All comments welcome on either BE pewter crash or just pewter handbags in general....
  2. I saw a lady with a pewter bag and matching shoes and she looked like a million bucks. She was just wearing jeans but she looked very put together.
  3. I think a pewter bag adds a nice jolt of flash to any casual outfit. I don't know about carrying one to an important conference or anything, tho.
  4. If its a true pewter color, I wouldn't think it would be shiny. It would seem as you get into a more shiny color it would be silver. I have a pewter Andarei bag I carry my laptop in and I love the color. Its a bit more of a grown up color than silver and not so run of the mill as black.
  5. I love pewter. It's actually much more versatile than you would think. I have a bag in gunmetal (almost the same thing) and it looks great with many more colors than I imagined.
  6. I also just got a pewter bag and it goes well with a lot of my clothes.
  7. I agree with the other posters...pewter is a great neutral! I have a Andrew Marc in gunmetal (I think the same thing as pewter) and I love it! It is not too flashy and I actually think it goes with more colors than black does!
    There are more posts about gunmetal/metallic bags with pics if you do a search...good luck :smile:
  8. I've had a pewter bag for ~4 years now. I love it. I've paired it with black/gray outfits as well as earth tones. It's surprisingly versatile...