Pewter Handbag

  1. Hi all! I'm looking for a medium pewter colored handbag for Fall. I like handheld bags with detachable straps for it to turn into messenger style. If you come across one post it here. I've had a hard time finding one I like. I've seen a lot of silver and black but not pewter. :tdown: As far as the hardware color I'm not picky so post what you can find! TIA!
  2. There's a hot Junior Drake tote that's being discussed in this thread.
  3. hayden harnett has a lot in pewter
  4. All of these Fall 07 Tano bags come in pewter. Most are pictured in gold or bronze, but the second one is shown in pewter. (Here's my disclaimer: I'm just trying to be helpful- not solicit -I dont even have any of these bags in my store right now.)
  5. ^^The 1st and 3rd bags in the right column are absolutely delicious, I must have one of them!
  6. WOW! Thanks so much for all your responses! They all zare so gorgeous! It's going to be hard to decide on one!
  7. Marc Andrew Vibe bag in gunmetal

  8. I love the fist one in the left column...what is it called and where can i find one?

  9. Off hand, I dont know which stores ordered that one, but you can email for a few suggestions. It's # 3648 , "why chromosome" The retail price should be around $225. It should be in stores early September.
  10. thanks! That's a pretty decent price...I'll have to check it out :smile:
  11. That andrew marc is pretty hot! What a great update to the sophia shape