Pewter First is Here - I Feel Sick with Joy!

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  1. OH....MY....GOD....Ladies. I get excited about things but never, ever completed jazzed :yahoo: . My Pewter First arrived today and I am so completely, insanely, hysterically in love that I just can't stand it!!!!! I actually did the Homer Simpson finger twiddles when I first laid eyes on her. I had to put her away as I thought I was going to stare holes in her.

    Seriously, I feel completely LOVE-SICK! I'll take pics tomorrow as I can't look at her again today (it's just too much!). She is immaculate except for a tiny, tiny flake on one handle (can't find the other mark the seller was talking about) and one set of tassels have split (will try to glue back together and save the spares).

    Now.....for the tough part. My husband will literally crap if he sees her so I've buried her (lovingly) underneath one of my other bags. Any suggestions on how to slowly introduce them? What's the standard time-frame before I can say "what? this old bag, had it for ages!".

    God, she's beautiful. I'll post pics tomorrow.
  2. Cal, congrats on your pewter first!!!! can't wait for the pics!!!!

    :lol: as far as slowly introducing them out subtly w/out much notice from DH, i may have to wait for some advice from the lovely PFer gals here as well b/c i've been unsuccessful in that dept too :lol: :roflmfao:
  3. Thanks Booyah (woooohoo 1000 posts for you!). I think she's going to be my guilty little pleasure for a couple of weeks (or months....yikes!)
    hey, i'm having the same problem too, but mine is worse because i still have to introduce not 1 but 3 items... 1 wallet (which is easier, i'm eraring it now wo showing it to him :P ) and 2 bags.
    and i also don't know how to do it ! AARGGGHH, can't wait to wear it though
  5. So happy for you Cal! The Pewter first is so hot!! Cannot wait to see pics!!! Congratulations!!!
  6. Lol - Seahorse, I have my compagnon hidden in my "delicates" drawer!
  7. HA HA HA... and i have mine somewhere along my jackets and one underneath my laptop table...
    what will happen to us if they FOUND out??? o-o
  8. Wow ... I feel in good company now ... I have not said WORD ONE to my husband about my Ink City. It's still in the NM box while I decide whether or not I want to keep it. I just don't know how to broach the subject of spending >$1,000 on a handbag with him. He is going to have a FIT!

    Congrats on the Pewter, Cal, and good luck w/the hubby! :smile:
  9. Cal, how do you know DH does not take a sneak peek once in a while there anyway??!!!! i would-to see what's for dessert!!!! :lol: ;) JK :P

    and thanks for the congrats on the 1,000 posts-it was done in your pewter first thread :nuts: :yahoo:
  10. seahorse, i think i may have it worse than you-i've been buying bags since i was 1st pregnant (over 2 years ago) and have not found any opprtunity to break them out, especially with my 2 kiddies now :lol: i'm at having to sublty introduce at least(!) 13 bags (at last count) to DH :roflmfao: :crybaby:
  11. OMG! Can't wait to see your pics! I fell in love when I saw it but decided to be good and not get it. Then I ran back the next day cuz I'd been thinking about it all night but it was already gone! That was awhile ago and I have yet to see one since so I'm highly anticipating your pics!

    Congrats on such an awesome bag!
  12. cal, i'm so excited for you!:wlae: also, i completely understand your DH dilemma. there's bags that my husband doesn't know about yet. he doesn't really mind the purchases... it's just that it's too many at once.:rolleyes: i usually wait for some time to pass between purchases.:lol:
  13. congrats cal! cant wait to see pics :tender:
  14. OMG BooYah!!! LOL that's too funny.
    u're crazier than all of us :roflmfao: even if u let out ur bag once a month, in another 13 months when u're done, u'll be having 13 more in the closet. it's like an evil circle... :roflmfao:
  15. OMG Booyah! 13 bags hidden away!!?!?!? I am bowing down to the Queen!