Pewter Day Hobo BIN $825

  1. oh dear... :love:
  2. :smile:
  3. hmmm...this is tempting. I would definitely jump on it if it were a first in pewter.
  4. This bag is very pretty!:heart:
  5. Gorgeous! Good luck, le_junkie!
  6. gorgeous!
  7. Oh, Le_junkie, you're selling this beauty? Someone will be very lucky to have it!
  8. Ms Le_Junkie - this shouldn't last long...great bag, great price :smile:
  9. DANG IT!!! Why didn't she put this up a week ago? I would have BIN'ed it. :crybaby:
  10. This baby is now sold to a wonderful PFer! :graucho:
  11. Yay! Is the lucky lady going to step forward?