Pewter Club!

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  1. there probably aren't as many of us as in the "Ink Club", but i thought fayden had a great idea with starting a club for the Pewter People! :love:

    i'll start with my 05 first and 05 city (now gone).
    pewterfirst.jpg pewtercity_tpf.jpg
  2. Aww great idea Jennifer!

    Here's my beloved Pewter City..
    bpewtercarryarm.jpg bpewteroutside.jpg BskybluepeweterCity.jpg
  3. beverly, my pewter city sister! you know you started it all too! :P

    well, now my pewter first is your city's lil sister. :smile:
  4. Woohoo, fellow Pewter ladies! I just posted them in another thread, but will put them here too (any excuse to show her off)!
    Pewter6.jpg Pewter.jpg Pewter2.jpg Pewter7.jpg
  5. Pewter, c'est moi! There are photos of my 2005 Metallic Classique in another thread--somewhere.
  6. Question for Pewter bag-ladies - can I spray her? I'd like to protect her in some way.
  7. esiders- I like your watermark- so big & bold!!!

    Girls- I love all your bags!!! Describe the leather please!
  8. I sprayed mine with AG--I didn't use the lotion though and only sprayed once--it dried fine.
  9. I'm in! Here is my 04 First:

    (Sorry...went a little overboard with the watermarking!)
  10. 000o0o - you go PEWTER girls!!! All your bags look awesome!!! :love:
  11. pretty pewters, girls! :love:

    i can't wait to see a mini classique or mini twiggy or BOX!!
  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pewter Bbags, ladies! I'd love to join your club! I've got to get my hands on one ...... hmmm....:search:
  13. I sold mine and miss it SO much! Congrats on these GORGEOUS bags ladies!!
  14. hahah this is too funny. i love it! here's mine.
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