Pewter Betty $770 from $2020

  1. @ Nordies in MD(Towson) ask for Mary, she has it on hold under Ali:tup:

    Hope someone gets this such a great deal!!!!

  2. Did anyone get it????
  3. It's tempting......
  4. somebody get itttt!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
  5. Is there any pics of the bag,or website where i can see the bag.:drool:
  6. Net a Porters International Site has a Small Betty in the same color. They are calling it steel, but it actually is Argent. If you click on the picture that is zoomed on the pocket that is more the true color.:rolleyes:
  7. Does this mean it's a metallic leather?
  8. It is Metallic Pewter color with a slight antique tone...

    Very Pretty IRL
  9. Thanks chabich. I'[ll have to pass, as I have too many metallic bags. But someone really ought to grab this one!!! It sounds gorgeous!!!
  10. Oh my gosh, someone is going to get really, really lucky. I want it but I can't/shouldn't. Please post and let us know if someone here snags it!!
  11. After dreaming about the bag last night, I called this morning and was told it's gone.:tdown:
  12. Mary has another bag on hold for me, a gold paddy satchel for $540!

    Someone grab it quick its a great deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    410-296-2111 ask for Mary