Pewter 04 First and 05 City IN THE HOUSE!

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  1. Here they are everyone! I don't I keep both? The colors are really not as different as I thought they might be. The hardware on the City is silver, and the shade may be just a bit deeper, but really they are pretty close. And they change in every light. The outside pic is the best I have managed to get so far. :nuts: :love: :biggrin:
    04 and 05 pewter bags2.jpg 04 and 05 pewter b-bags.jpg 04 and 05 pewter b-bags 3.jpg 04 and 05 pewter b-bags outside.jpg
  2. Wow they look so similar far away! If you have a pewter city on the way then I'd get rid of the pewter first.
  3. That is the pewter just arrived. I really love the First for a smaller bag. Hmmmm.
  4. Ah I see lol. I totally messed that up (I read the silver *hardware* as being a silver city!) I guess I would go w/whatever size you need in your collection then :smile: Seems like you like the size of the first from your post above, so keep that one! Or keep both and save yourself the trouble if you can afford it lol. If I could keep them all I would!
  5. They're GORGEOUS, ET!!! :love: :love: :love:
    You're so lucky to have scored both of them! Big CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! :biggrin: :nuts: :biggrin:

    If you can't decide which you prefer, keep both! You can always sell one of them later here, right? ;)
  6. Wow! They shine like brand new diamonds! I have no idea which to tell you to keep. I say just keep the one you will use most! (probably the city right?) Congrats Girl!
  7. awww, way too cute!!!!!! they look awesome!!!!! the pics are great!!! thanks for sharing!
  8. wow, ET, they're gorgeous! hard decision on which to choose, so good luck!
  9. Beautiful! If it was my collection.. I'd keep the pewter first, I love the pewter hardware - it is so different!
  10. :love: wow they look so pretty sitting next to each other!!!!
    I think the first just looks a tad more on the cute side.
  11. I think so too Terri - in the metallics the smaller first looks adorable. and I do like the pewter hardware on the first better I think, like Mimi said.
  12. wow... pewter city.

    i had always HEARD they existed. beautiful! i wish i could carry off a metallic in that size...
  13. i see what you mean with the colour similarities. if it were me, i think i would go with the first. although both are gorgeous bags, i see the metallic as more of a nighttime bag and therefore prefer the first for going out. that said, if you are the type that likes to carry a lot of stuff, keep the city instead. either way, you'll turn heads with whichever one you choose (if you choose)!:biggrin:
  14. Congrats, ET! They look like mother and daughter sitting there together! Gorgeous!
    They look so similar, that I think go with your size preference...
    However, if you're never going to stray from your Ink City, go with the First so that you have two different sizes to choose from.
    Unless... you love them both, then keep 'em both!
    Furthermore... :blink:
  15. I LOVE these! I've been thinking of getting a pewter first--it would make a great "going out" bag. Both are gorgeous so I can see where you are faced with a tough decision. Good luck!