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  1. pewter supposed to be from 2005 season, but maybe it was out by the end of 2004?
  2. there was an 04 pewter too, which this one is. the 05 pewter has shiny silver hardware, the 04 had burnished pewter hardware, this is *I think* the 04 pewter. the 05 pewter came out in Nov/Dec 05... so by the receipt, and the A on the tag... def. the 04 pewter.
  3. exactly, mocean! this has to be the 04 pewter bc of the hardware. the 05 would have a shiny silver.
    btw, i think i saw this seller's name in the "list of problem eBay sellers list!" and elsewhere.

    edited to add: i don't understand why the paperwork is for an 05 bag. agneau is correct though.
  4. This was the seller who verbally abused and threatened a PF'r; stay away!!
  5. yep yep... and was banned here too I believe. but the bag is beautiful! (maybe someone should save it from her... :angel: ) the price is kinda high though. most pewter classiques have been going for about $100-150 bucks less in the last 6 months.
  6. Oh, yes! I remember now! It was a lot of drama. I would steer clear.
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