Petunia Pickle Bottom!!

  1. Hi everyone so i have another question?? I already bought a Nest Diaper bag and love it..But i'm looking for another diaper bag LOL..I know i'm crazy aren't we all? So i love Petunia Pickle bottom i have one with my first child but it's pink and now that i'm having a boy i want something blue i guess or something other then pink!! So here is my question i had the Boxy Backpack and it's a great everyday bag to wear as a messager bag..This is the color i'm looking into buying but i'm not sure if i want the Boxy backpack again or the touring?? Does anyone else have the touring? And can tell me how they like it? And also i was looking into the cake and want some reviews on that one also..I really don't want to wear the nest everyday just because it's such soft leather and i'm super anal that if it get scraped i'll be so pissed..So i would really like a everyday running to the store diaper bag..I'm also open to any other sugg..
  2. I have the touring tote. I like it because I could clip it on to the stroller and was smaller than the boxy tote. I use it as a toddler tote because of that since my DS doesn't require so much to tote around now. I still think it's kind of small, but it works for me okay. Sometimes I interchange the clips with my boxy totes to for when I need to bring more stuff. The touring is pretty big if used over the shoulder and kind of odd looking if carried cross-body (kind of looks like a big fortune cookie). For me, it works best attached to the stroller.

    Before I bought the touring, I was considering the cake society satchel, but didn't like the colors they had available at that time (about a year ago). Now they have a clutch?! Too cute--makes me want to buy the satchel and clutch even though I don't need them!
  3. I know i love the clutch. Do you know how big they are..I would like to get one just because LOL..Do you guys think it's stupid to get another nest diaper bag and not the petunia pickle bottom? I'm looking at this one from nest..But then i know me i'm going to kick myself in the ass because i love how the PPB look and all i know is that with my daughter i had a kate spade and a PPB and i used the PPB and never even touched the KS only if i was going to a wedding or shower!! But i also don't know if it's stupid to have 2 nest but in different styles..Please Help!!!