Petunia Pickle Bottom...Opinions, PLEASE!!

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  1. So I was at nordstroms rack yesterday and I saw an array of PPB diaper bags on sale for ONLY $98!!!! I was going to pick one up but then when I felt around the inside it doesn't seem too big... does anyone have this style? or a similar one? And is it big enough for everything? I'm waiting for the outlet sale to start to hopefully get the cake society satchel or cosmopolitan carryall (it's huge, I :heart: it,) but for 98$ i thought it was a steal (plus my grandma can get me an additional 20% so tech 70$?)!!!!

    thanks girls!!

  2. This is cute ! The Fluerville Mothership is bigger and they have different colors and styles.
  3. I have the Petunia Backback and Toddler tote. They hold a fair amt. of things but as the previous poster said the Fleurville Mothership holds more (I also have that one).
  4. I love the Storksak Emily in Metallic Pewter. Cute, waterproof, holds a ton, and can be adjusted to be held over the shoulder/stroller/messenger. Around $150.
  5. Very cute PPB diaper bag. I have one similar in size and it is fine for me. I have a few bags depending on how long I will be out/how much I need to bring. I would definitely get the PPB bag for that price!!
  6. I have the boxy backpack (I love how it converts from backpack to messenger to stroller bag) a couple toddler totes for when I just need a few things, and a cross town clutch for when I want to carry it in conjunction with a great bag. I caught the last online sale (not sure if I can post the websites) and was able to grab the backpack for $87, and the clutch for $45.. and these weren't even samples! Look around the web and you'll find that they pop up often.
  7. I think for that price you should go for it. I had the Mothership, and I actually didn't find it that roomy! (Might say more about me than the bag though? :shrugs:) The only thing that bothers me about the PPB is that the changing pad is attached, so.. what would you do if it got poopy?
  8. Thanks girls :smile: I was worried about the size because my girlfriend who just had a baby said that size matters big time. Maybe i'll get a few different sized bags?
  9. You probably will. Once they're out of bottles and not needing so many diaper changes you may switch to some sort of tote. At this point I just throw a snack, sippy, 1 diaper, and a pack of wipes in my Chloe!
  10. You will definitely want several bags or more!
  11. I have a cake satchel/backpack and a clutch from Petunia Pickle Bottom. I love them. They have become my favorite even though diaper bags became my obsession for awhile and I had a few, Juicy Couture included. They just had a lot more features.
  12. I thought the mothership bag was too bulky and unwieldy, so I returned mine. After that experience, I just picked a regular tote-style diaper bag.
  13. i hated the cake society satchel. was so heavy and didn't hold much. also looked like granny's old furniture. i highly recommend the petunia pickle bottom touring totes. they are awesome, come with three sets of straps to either attach to stroller, hand carry, or shoulder carry, plus they look like purses, so you can evan grab it and go when you are without the kids.
  14. I think it is cute, more fall-ish. I would check out the Fleurville Mothership. I went through about 4 diaper bags before getting this one and I love it , it is one of my all time fav bags and get tons of compliments on it