Petulia's Folly 25% in Store

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  1. I was in Philly this weekend and stopped by Petulia's Folly. They were having an instore sale with 25% off RM bags in the store until Valentines Day. And they try to be competitive on pricing so full price is $10-20 less than the suggested retail price. The MAM is $525 full price. The website doesn't mention the sale, but you might be able to call in and ask. I didn't see any of the resort or spring bags, but they had quite a few colors in the older styles.
  2. Thanks for the info! Ive never heard of this site but will definitely consider shopping from the in the future!

    Pssst: For the Botkier lovers, there is a large black Bianca on there for a steal!
  3. How come the mam are more than the mab? Is this a mix-up?
  4. ^I wondered about that. Im not sure but I think I might call them to find out.
  5. ^ Were you able to call and find out what they have? All of us who are looking for certain bags (madaboutdarcy and her new black matinee, zenny & Contessa and their wine matinee, me and my grey matinee) thank you in advance for looking out for us! :flowers:
  6. I remember most of the bags were in red or brown colors. I think there was a matinee in a red color, but I don't know if it was a berry, wine, or something else. There was also an elisha and a mam or mab in dark green. You should call, they are really quite nice there.
  7. I received a call back yesterday from the store. She told me that the mam were $525. She also said I could receive 25% off the bags only through phone calls, not the internet.