Pets named after handbags?

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  1. After reading about a dog named Dooney on another thread, I was wondering if anyone else named their pet after their favorite bag?:smile:
  2. No dogs yet, unfortunately, but I can definitely see myself naming them after bags when I get them:yes:
  3. it is actually kind of a cute idea, the people who know of the bags will know what it mean and non-bag-lovers woun't have a clue ;)
  4. We were just talking about this on the Kooba forum! I have dogs named Kooba, Prada and Coco Chanel. :smile:
  5. I've got a cat named Louis Vuitton, but it's spelled as..... Louis V. Ton
  6. My new Chihuahua puppy is named Anya.....after Anya Hindmarch
  7. That is too cute! If I get another dog I'll have to name him after my favorite bag, but I'll have to find a way to shorten "Classic Flap in Black".
  8. I got my kitty before I was into purses but I secretly call him Louis. :p
  9. I think names like Dooney and Louis are cute, but Gucci and Versace are tacky to me.
  10. No purse names for my dogs. My dog is named after a drink. His name is Cosmo, but then he could be named after the magazine too. I just liked the name though.
  11. I have the cutest little Havanese and named her Chloe because I got her the same week as my new Chloe bag:smile: