Pets love LV, too!

  1. I came into my room the other night and found my cat using my pochette as a pillow :P


  2. awwww that is too cute!!!!
  3. I just love pets !

    I know it might not be right, but does anyone have that 'LV" chew toy for their dog..i think it s a purse...any pics
  4. That is too adorable, I miss having a cat, I have a dog now. Jack russel/pug named Cocoa
  5. AWWW!!! I have a new kitten, and I will not let him near my LVs since he is still too wild. He likes to chew on things and carry them around the house.
  6. Here's another kitty/LV picture :heart:


    Lets see yours!
  7. that is the best...kittie and her pouchette...what a classy kittie
  8. Awwwww too cute for words! Thanks for sharing the pics :smile:
  9. awwwww that is so cute! i am nervous that my cat might pee on my LV (happened to someone here on the forum, not too long ago) so i never leave it around.
  10. WOW.... The second picture is great. :biggrin:
  11. What a cute cat :smile: Your speedy has a really nice patina too
  12. LOL, CUTE!!! the way your cat has it's paw on the bag looks like she's going, 'leave my pillow alone!!'!!
  13. Awwww, sooo cute! Thanks for sharing!:heart:
  14. My dog has one! He broke his "chewy vuiton" in just a matter of hours :cursing:

    Heather, your cats are too cute!
  15. Adorable.