Pets in the Halloween Spirit -- Trick or Treat!

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  1. Pets in costume can be so adorable! Had to share!

    Animals dressed as other animals:
    ShowLetter7.jpg ShowLetter9.jpg ShowLetter14.jpg

  2. Animals dressed as Pirates.... Arrr matey!

    ShowLetter8.jpg ShowLetter13.jpg
  3. :lol: cute!
  4. Animals dressed in uniform: "to protect and serve"

    ShowLetter10.jpg ShowLetter2.jpg ShowLetter5.jpg
  5. more animals in uniform:

    ShowLetter11.jpg ShowLetter15.jpg
  6. some other fun costumes:

    ShowLetter1.jpg ShowLetter3.jpg ShowLetter6.jpg
  7. OMGoodness!! It's Dog-Vader and PugYoda :upsidedown:

    ShowLetter4.jpg ShowLetter12.jpg
  8. Little Red Riding Hood, Pooh Bear and Piglet, and a Wizard Lizard:

    (The St. Bernard dressed as Pooh Bear is definetly my favorite!!)

    ShowLetter19.jpg ShowLetter17.jpg ShowLetter18.jpg
  9. Anyone else going pumpkins and bananas for pets in costumes?

    ShowLetter.jpg ShowLetter16.jpg
  10. hahaha cuuuuute!!
  11. FYI Petsmart is having a Costume Party tonight for animals. I believe its ALL Petsmarts, they are giving out gift cards for prizes. I am taking my new kitten dresses as a sorority girl! LOL I will post pictures later!
  12. ^ good luck Selena!! Looking forward to pics!
  13. SO SOOOOO CUTE - dying from the concentrated adoreableness!!
  14. OMG...SELENA..Im tempted to go to Petsmart tonight just to see your cats...ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!
  15. so cute! great pics!
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