Pets in desperate need of homes by 6/24 - can you...??

  1. That's really sad. I wish I could take on one..
  2. Break my heart! I posted it on my blog too. I hope people can help! I wish I could. :sad:
  3. Awwww... :cry: I sure wish I could!!! We just recused our 3rd animal down here in Mexico. My mom found a 4 week old kitten last night on the side of the road and brought her home!!! She needs some TLC, but we are just the family to give it to her. :love:

    When I get rich *it is going to happen* :biggrin:...I want to build a huge farm to recuse as many dogs & cats as I can. It just breaks my heart to see so many without any homes! Especially down here there are so many orphaned dogs roaming around the takes everything in me not to take everyone of them home. :cry:
  4. Are they shipping these animals? I am nowhere near the shelter, but I do work with a local rescue group...
  5. :cry: I hope they all find loving homes.
  6. Why on earth should this offend anyone? Hope all tPFers with blogs will quote your post in their blogs. Kitskats, have you posted about this on other forums?
  7. I am leaving in 15 minutes to go pick up a rescue doxie, Casey.
  8. And when I say tPFers with blogs, I include Mr & Mrs PB as well. In view of the time constraints, could either Megs or Vlad post about this in the Purse Blog? Many thanks.
  9. OMG this is so sad. The dog Clint is so cute. I will post this on Myspace as well.
  10. Do any of you post on the American Idol forum? I haven't been there for months (hate the new one, prefer the old Prospero forum) otherwise would post there about this sad situation in West Virginia.
  11. And sorry for posting so much in this thread, but does anyone know if the other pursebloggers like "In My Bag" are animal-lovers? If so, could one of you please try to contact them?

    Many thanks.

    And kitskats, thanks for alerting us!
  12. I tell myself that all the time too. I wish I can take on another one. I posted on myspace too. Hopefully that helps.
  13. Me too, I love animals, especially kitty cats!
  14. It's so, so sad that something like this could happen. I guess all we can do now is keep this bumped up for the next few days and look for ways to forward the info and post on other sites...