Pets & Holiday Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!


Homo sapien
Jul 14, 2007
How do you do them so they turn out nice? Last year I took both of my dogs, tried getting santa hats on them in front of the tree....and it turned out so so...but I sent them anyways....

last night I tried taking pictures with jingle bell collars....and one dog sits and faces the camera perfectly, but the other sits and looks up, down all I need to get them together nicely

PLUS, w/the digital camera, I feel like I see every little piece of lint or anything on my carpet....what do you use as a background? Also, do you just get cards w/photo slots or do you do them on shutterfly, snapfish, etc:s


Living the GoodLife
Mar 9, 2007
Home Sweet Home
Hmm.. I have never tried to take a pic of my dogs for a card. I always had kids to do that! lol and believe me, they aren't much easier! I guess you just have to be patient and keep trying till you get the right shot (that's what I do with the kids hehe)
Best of luck to you!


Jul 25, 2006
West Virginia
I purchased a witch outfit for my cats for Halloween. Tinkerbell ( 2 years old) wouldn't even let me get near her with it. Every time she saw me picking the outfit up she would run. Missie (13 years old) she let me put the outfit on her but then I had to run after her to even get a picture of her. I haven't even tried to put their antlers on yet.


Dec 29, 2006
Baton Rouge
I'm going to try this probably next weekend once we get our new adopted min pin, but what I have found out about Awesome-O from just taking regular pictures of him is I get his favorite toy or ball and raise it above his head or right in front of him so he will focus on the item and then take the picture. So maybe you can get something for your animal to focus on while taking the photo.


Oct 10, 2006
My dogs are pretty easy. They know their sit and stay commands very well since they don't get fed until they listen. I think unless your dogs are willing to listen it might be close to impossible. But once you have them sitting then the toy trick you can even use food works really well to get them looking at you. I also know with my dogs you only get a couple of shots before their patience wears out and after that forget it nothing is going to get them to do what you want.


Happily Engaged!
Jul 2, 2007
My babies Sophie and Max posed very nicely for our family christmas card. My BF and I just got Max right before halloween so I wanted my family/friends that live far away to see him! Sophie was wearing her pink sweater hoodie and Max was in his Underdog tshirt. It came out really really cute!


Ma to the d@mn D-E-A
Jan 27, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Ive had Mariah since she was a pup, ever since I got her Ive been torturing her with the camera lmao! She is pretty well trained now and will sit still for me and in the position I want her to sit.
Princess, on the other hand is simply a MESS! haha. We got her when she was about 2 y/o so I wasnt really bale to "train" her, but she is getting a little better. So, what I do is have my SO kind of hold her and when I count to 3 he lets go and I snap the picture real quick.


Aug 18, 2007
I use my dog every year as my holiday card. I like Shutterfly the best in terms of quality. I usually use bacon with the dog and they he listens very well. I aslo have someone help me so they motivate the dog with the food and I snap away! You also have to take several pics. I tool like 30 and used 2 of them on my card.


Oct 6, 2007
What I usually do is have another family member hold a little treat like riiiight above the camera so they're focused right there, and we just stick the santa hat on really quick.

As far as your background troubles go...I usually do an editing trick called soft focus. You can get it through the free Google program called Picasa. It makes everything in the background kind of fuzzy, but it turns out really good! Give it a try and good luck!