Pets and Presents *cheers!*

  1. It was Katie's first Christmas.. and what would any good dog parent do, but to teach her golden retreiver how to open presents.

    Let's all post our pets either opening, playing with, or wearing their presents from this festive holiday season! :supacool:

    I'll start:

    Katie opening her first present. She was timid at first, but got the hang of it quickly!
    sm_DSCF4979.jpg sm_DSCF4980_cropped.jpg sm_DSCF4981.jpg sm_DSCF4985.jpg
  2. ^^ aww she is sooooo cute!! My dad used to have a dog that would unwrap presents.
  3. Then, all Katie wanted to do was to play with her present... she had no more interest in any others.

    sm_DSCF4996.jpg sm_DSCF5002.jpg sm_DSCF5006.jpg

    We then went to my DF's house and she got a present there. They attached a ball to the present which Katie used to carry around the present for quite awhile.

    sm_DSCF5018_cropped.jpg sm_DSCF5019.jpg
  4. One of Katie's presents was a really adorable black velvet and lacy dress.


    (It might look a little funny; at 8 months old she is still growing so quickly!! -- and it barely fit her)...

    ...but we put it on her anyway and took a few pictures. She isn't much for clothes but it made DF's mom and sister sooooo happy to see her wear it. All in all Katie's Christmas was great and we still have a few prezzies for her.. so she is opening them 1 night at a time, since a new toy completely distracts her from opening another.

    Let's see some more pics!!
  5. That's so cute! :smile:
  6. Great pics!! So Cute!
  7. Katie is beautiful,looks like she enjoyed Christmas:smile:.
  8. adorable! especially of the one of her carrying the present! :smile:
  9. I've already posted them on the Xmas pets thread, but hey, they're too cute not to show off!!!



  10. I love these pictures and I love that all your furry babies had nice holidays!
  11. Oh my gosh she is soooo adorable! :love:
  12. awww, that's so cute! :smile:
  13. I'll post pictures soon, but I got my babies Trashcan Treats: catnip filled toys that look like they came out of the garbage. They come in fish bone, chicken leg or tunip.

    I got the chicken leg and turnip.
  14. Many years ago when I was a little girl my aunt and uncle had a golden retriever named Katie. I loved her.
  15. Izzie got a present and had a good time trying to open it. She received a Christmas t-shirt and Nylabones!