Pets and Hurricane Katrina

  1. I'd be interested to hear people's opinions on this.

    About a month ago, an article was printed in People Magazine.

    Some people evacuated from Mississippi took their pets with them. Others just left them. The ones that were left were either reunited with their owners or placed up for adoption.

    I can't find the original article but here's a link to a similar story from CBS News: Lost Katrina Pets: Whose Are They Now?, Some Survivors Sue To Get Pets Back After Animals Were Put In New Homes - CBS News

    The article said that two families adopted dogs that were left behind. Now the owners came forward and want the dogs back. The current owners say they won't give the dogs back because the original owners abandoned them.

    I don't know where I stand on this. I'm sure the owners would have brought the animals with them if they could. But as far as the animal rescue people were concerned, the animals were abandoned. And abandoned animals should be adopted out to families.
  2. To add: I have two cats and if I were in the same situation, as long as my family was safe, I would have made sure I got my cats out of there.
  3. That's really rough. Those pets obviously needed homes with the quickness. I remember watching and people were not allowed to bring pets into the shelters. However if it was me, Maya would have been by my side no matter what. Also if I was in that position I would want her back.

    In the one case where is stated that the dog had heartworms...I'd say too damn bad, if you can't give your dog a simple dose of medication, then that dog is better off with the new owners. So in cases of neglect, I think the answer is for the new owners to keep them. Why is it that some freaks want to keep a dog that they let starve, or didn't take care of anyways?

    I also think there should be an amount of time for people to come looking for their pet, and after that deadline they are able to adopt them out. They can't wait forever 'in case' the owner shows up! From a loving dog would be on my mind non-stop and I would be doing everything I can to get to her.
  4. ^Well said...if my dogs couldn't go, I wouldn't go. Period.
  5. All the stories from Hurricaine Katrina are horrible. I've read stories where owners knew their pets had found new homes and realized that it would be too traumatic to take them back so made the decisions to leave them with their new families. Also the majority of the animals that were returned to their owners were microchipped or were found with some sort of information left by their owners to letrescuers know they had an owner that would love to have them back.
    If I was in that situation I would never leave Porsche behind no matter what, some people were able to take their animals with them regardless of all the restrictions because they left early and didn't wait to find out how bad the hurricaine was going to get.
    I say leave the animals with their new families, some of these katrina dogs (not all of them) were not taken care of properly by their former owners (not spayed or vaccinared). These dogs have been through so much, why make it worse.