Pets and Hermes

  1. To those who have pets, do your pets like to hang around or play with your Hermes?

    I have a Pom but he is with my parents most of the time. However, I keep my Hermes and Faberge eggs out of his sight when he's around (which is very rare). I just KNOW he'll be interested in Hermes and Faberge because this dog has good taste about things in general - he loves to listen to classical music and he loves to smell the roses - therefore I'd rather he not discover my goodies.:lol:

    What about your pets? Are they attracted to Hermes?
  2. my "daughter" (see avatar) loooves the smell of Kelly. She sniffs it everytime I take it out.
  3. Bailey (our mini dachshund) love to sniff the leather but I try to keep my H stuff out of his reach. I was looking at an orange collar for him this weekend that would be so cute. :lol:
  4. If those collars would fit me, I'd wear one.:nuts:
  5. Yeah but everything in Hermes can be SO-ed so ... Oh boy, I can just see what a stir a human collar would cause. :P
  6. The cats who rule my house like to get into anything that's new....every Orange H box has been thoroughly examined by both. I draw the line at getting inside my bags,no,no!
  7. Kou, that brings me to a funny story. I love the collier de chien cuffs, you know, the ones with the studs. Well, all the ones I own are gold, no palladium. The story behind that is one day I was trying some on and I told my SA I didn't own any in black with palladium hardware. He said, "I don't know, they look like some bondage thing." So I grabbed two, put them on, and said "Well, go get your whip!" I can't look at a collier de chien with palladium hardware without cracking up now.
  8. :lol: Hermesgroupie!!!

    DH said no to the collar. :rolleyes: He said "he already has two Coach collars and one Puppia harness." But how can you deny such a cute dog the ultimate in puppy-wear? :lol: OK, so I wouldn't really get it but it sure would be cute! :girlsigh:
  9. Oh, I don't know....if I had a dog it would def. have an Hermes collar and leash!!!! AND a carry-case!!!!
  10. :lol: That would be too cute D! I should never say never, lets just say I gotta get my Kelly first. ;)
  11. My cat likes to sniff and rub up against my birkin for some reason.
    jessica and birkin.JPG
  12. Hey Crochet, I have a mini Dachshund aswell, a wirehaired one!! How funny, I think they are quite rare in the in Italy it's full of Dachsunds, mine is called Duna (hence my name!) and she's a little rascal, I would never trust her with my bags, she loves to chew all that's you can imagine....:wtf:
  13. I have two Jack Russells.....they're feral!!!!

    Here's some Hermes things to spoil your non-feral pets with.......
  14. my prince (white large standard poodle) loved (and will love in the future again) sniffing my bags ans even once splept around one. he rolled himself around the bag like a donut :lol:
  15. ah btw there he is "prince" :heart: ( i know he needs to go to the hirdresser)