Pets and handbags go hand in hand....

  1. Anyone want to show their pet? Or pet accessories....I know LV and Gucci have some pet accessories.
    George Happy.JPG 2006_0624_134237AA.JPG
  2. ^^^ Awww!! There's your little PUG baby!! SWEETTTT face!! :love:
  3. Thank you guy is a blondie like me....he is an absolute darling....I love pugs to bits, more than handbags...pugs are bred to be companion dogs and they are little clowns as guy is a little dog with a big attitude....he is not only my friend but, also my favorite accessory...I get heaps of compliments when I take him out and about town.....he is a celebrity
  4. And now he is your avatar!! I just love his little Pug face!! He is colored like our Siamese cat!! He does look like he could be quite a clown! :biggrin:
  5. i hopet ot pick up a coach black collar for my westie in my avatar:heart:3
  6. I have two Westies. My boy Stewie is too big to tote around in anything! My pup Dee Dee I plan on spoiling. has the cutest stuff :smile:
  7. no pet accessories (since they bite everything off anyway) but here are my dogs! they're some kind of mix, i'm guessing there's some chihuahua in them, but i really have no clue.


    and thats my mom holding them lol
  8. AHHH!!! :love: They are just sweet little babies!! How cute!! Lucky you!!
  9. I love pugs! :love:
  10. Oh i love this thread..everyone's dogs are so cute.
    Here are some pics of all my babies...
    Resize of bubu.jpg

    Resize of tiger.jpg

    Resize of DSC00155.jpg

    Resize of Rotation of DSC00163.jpg
  11. ^^^ There's the old guy!!! Oh, he is just such a handsome and regal Golden!! Big ole white face just like our Sr. girl has!! Love HIM!!! Your 5 year old Beagle really does look like a puppy still (if that a recent pic.. such a cutie)! I did not know you had two others too. Is the second pic a Boxer pup? And then you also have a poodle! They are all sooo dear! :heart:
  12. They're all so cute! I love beagles especially!

    My chihuahua, Gidget Jose'lina Cuervo, is my avatar. She is 1.5 yrs old and weighs about 7 lbs, which is big for a chi. She is called a "deer head" as opposed to the tiny "apple heads." She is so sweet and us anyway. She is very protective and barks a lot around strangers. My favorite thing about her is the fact that she smiles. She really, truly smiles a huge smile when she is happy! She also does it when she knows she is in trouble, and it works! I go from being upset to laughing in one second. You'd have to see this smile to understand, and I don't have a pic of it.

    I need to take a pic of my 3 yr old male cat, Gilbert McGillykittie. He is a gray, black and white domestic shorthair and he weighs 18 lbs. He's my big boy! I love him sooooooo much, we have a special bond.
  13. ^^^ OMgosh LoriB... I see now why she is a 'deer head' (other than the fact that she is truly 'dear'!). Her head and ears are like actual deer heads/ears!! She's adorable! I do believe you that she smiles (would love to see a pic when you can capture it). Our oldest Golden male (who passed away July '05) would GRIN from ear to ear when he was around children... so funny! :biggrin:
  14. Thanks! I wanted to put a little pair of antlers on her head and get a pic, but she does not like accessories of any kind! She has a pink sweater, purple fur coat and all kinds of other cute things that she will not wear. She acts like she is being abused if you try to dress her, so I don't do it.
  15. Awww, they all look so adorable, here are my two babies, they always have that "what did I do now" guiltylook in pictures. They've managed to chew on every collar I've gotten them so no designer stuff for them. Although I've been dying to get them a Gucci pillow to lounge on.