Petroleum Jelly for Eyelashes

  1. I found this tip before on another forum. Put petroleum Jelly everynight on your eyelashes if you want them to become thick. :yes: Works for me and for a lot of people who's active on that forum. :nuts:
  2. Really? Sounds great! Im going to try it out, but does it irritate ur eyes?
  3. Sounds great, wish I knew what petroleum jelly translates to in my language :p
  4. Vaseline - it's a very common name for it.
  5. Ooh, I know what that is :p
  6. wow. maybe this will also soften up that morning gunk. lol.

    I will try this.
  7. Worth a try.
  8. Nope! Does not irritate my eyes at all. I just put it on my eyelashes! And it became very helpful because I have a bad habit of putting mascara first before curling it, so I lose a lot of eye lashes! But now, it's ok because it grows more quickly!:yahoo:
  9. i've read about this technique too,
    i just keep forgetting to try it.
    will deffinately try it tonight
  10. ooh, really? i really want to try this, becuase me eyelashes are thicker on one eye and it looks funny.
  11. I used to put Vasaline on my eyelids and lashes when I was a little girl because sometimes they got irritated from playing outside in the cold in the winter.
  12. I was concerned it may goo up my eyes -thanks for the tip.
  13. i never heard about this but i will definitely try it! thanks for sharing.
  14. me too- ^

    i would be worried about it going in my eyes but i guess if u only put a bit. and just on the eyelashes it will be ok
  15. I did it last night, I lightly swiped my lashes with vaseline and wiped away the excess on my face! I went 2 sleep and woke up fine, not in my eyes or anything. Ill continue for a week or two just to see if its any help!