Petrol vs. Topaz

  1. How do these two colors compare? Is one darker than the other, or are they basically the same color? TIA!!
  2. petrol is darker than topaz, i want a topaz stam and have loved em for so long but couldn't seem to find one
  3. I believe the light petrol color is darker. Here are pictures of my topaz ZC and a light petrol Stam:
    Topaz ZC.jpg Light Petrol Stam.jpg
  4. I had both the petrol and the topaz ZC's (I sold one) and the petrol is darker, richer, and more of a green color. I may have photos at home still if you're interested.
  5. Thanks everyone! Thank you for offering your pics Ela, but Melly's pictures have helped me understand the difference. :smile: