Petrol v. Blueberry: Rumble on the South Side of Chicago!

  1. I know some have been curious about the color difference between blueberry and petrol. I somehow (?) managed to get a petrol spy off of (!!!) last week. I don't know where it came from, it just popped up on the site and I snagged it. Not sure yet whether I get to keep it. Anyway, here are some side-by-side action shots of the petrol regular spy and blueberry baby spy. The blueberry definitely has more purple/navy undertones, while the petrol is a little more gray/green. Enjoy!
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  2. I can't believe you found a petrol last week, you lucky girl! Both are beautiful!
  3. ^^^I know, and NWT, bizarre, eh? Saks seems to be digging some old stock out of somewhere--the cherry corded spys just randomly popped up, too.
  4. oh wow, that is great that you scored a petrol spy!!! congrats! was it full price or on sale at now i want to check saks everyday to see if another one will pop up! :smile:
  5. Lit, this is weird, I haven't had time to post it yet (work,work,work! :cursing:), but I picked up a petrol also, but a baby spy (brand new!), not the regular spy. I just had to see the color myself IRL :rolleyes:!

    So which do you like better. I am still not sure myself. :confused1: Maybe I should have gotten the regular spy in this color...but I have been carrying Choco spy as an everyday bag & thought it would be nice to have another baby spy...:idea:
  6. Gorgeous! When you say :"...not sure whether I get to keep it" I hope that doesn't mean you're thinking of returning her! She's too pretty to part!:love:
  7. shopping, unfortunately it was full price, not on sale. Poo. If it was on sale I would be much more inclined to keep it.

    BagLady, that is strange. I wonder if it is actually Fendi that is clearing out some old stock. Would love to have a pic of your petrol baby for the list. I felt the same way you did RE seeing it IRL! I felt somehow incomplete as a spy fanatic.

    I'm not sure whether I prefer the blueberry or petrol... if pressed, I think I would have to say blueberry for now, though they are both lovely.
  8. Yes, I am thinking of returning. I would love to keep her, but seeing as I have gotten so much other great stuff and have so many other spys right now, it just seems kinda ridiculous to hold onto it. We'll see :crybaby:
  9. Oh Liti so sorry you are returning the Petrol. I love the Petrol, far more than the Blueberry, but then I like the old type leather better. Its quite funny how these old style bags are popping up - everyone needs to look out for a Purple Tulle spy for me, please
  10. liti - i do not envy you with your decision making. i own the blueberry spy and i LOVE it. but i love the petrol color too. both are tdf really. i at some point owned the petrol hobo, i think i may have even received the spy too. but i sold and returned them, respectively. at that time i didn't like the fact that the color was rubbing off. but now i realize that it's part of the spy "charm". ;) i don't regret selling my hobo but i do regret returning the petrol spy.

    baglady - may i ask where you got the petrol baby spy and whether they have any more? since i own the blueberry spy, getting a petrol baby makes more sense than getting a petrol spy. tia! :flowers:

    saich - what does the purple tulle look like?
  11. Lit, how does the Blueberry look with jeans?

    I thought the petrol would be a little more "umph" to it with jeans. It looks good if i wear white jacket & jeans, but not with some of the other colors I wear. Its a gorgeous bag anyways - especially where it bubbles, so I just got to work it in...:graucho:

    I'll try to snag you a photo of petrol baby in the next few days...;)
  12. baglady - the blueberry look great with jeans. it's definitely a different feel than the petrol but nonetheless wonderful.
  13. Thanks S -- maybe I'll need to pick up another bag! :nuts: ...Don't encourage me:wlae:

    I've seen the blueberry in vernis & loved it, so maybe that's another one to add to the list of spys I gotta have someday...:rolleyes:

    PS, sorry no more baby was a fluke bag.
  14. Thanks for posting Lit! These are the photos I've been waiting for.

    They are both really nice colours. It would be hard to pick one (as hard as saich deciding between her cherry nappa and cherry pleated).
  15. I :heart: the blueberry.