Petrol Stam

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  1. I have a little dilemna...
    Most of the time I am a sale to buy Marcs on sale.
    Once in a rare moon I'll splurge.
    The one that made my mouth water that caused such a complete splurge was the petrol stam.
    Remember when we were having the problem with the clasp on the old stams...well, I had two the black quilted and the petrol.
    I returned the black but lovingly tucked away the petrol. Don't quite know what the heck I was waiting for.
    I finally thought since I spent 1200 on the puppie I should get it fixed and try to use is sparingly.
    Nordstroms agreed to send the baby in for me...nice of them...
    Marcs repair shop called to say that my STAM was a FAKE...because the inside pocket color doesn't match the lining.
    I am stunned. I bought this from the San Fran. boutique.
    Does anyone have the stam and can tell me what color the inside of the pocket is???
    Any thoughts on this situation? This sucks....:wtf:
    Thanks for your help. :sad::sad::sad:mags....:sad::sad::sad:
  2. Oh no!! I know there are a few members who own the Petrol Stam who wil chime in I'm sure. iluvmybags got one from Ebay a few months back so hopefully she'll post soon. Good luck MuzMars! I sincerely hope it's not fake!:sad:
  3. Do you have photos that you can post for us?? I'd like to see if it's really fake or not. That's amazing though, especially since you bought it from the SF store. Do you still have the receipt?

    Sorry about all the bad MJ luck you've been having. :sad:
  4. awh.. i'm so sorry to hear this.. and i'm surprised since you bought this bag from the boutique
  5. That's insane! How can their shop be selling fakes???
  6. I'm so sorry, MuzMars! I hope you hear back from a few Petrol Stam owners soon...I'll cross my fingers for you that someone at MJ repair has made a horrible mistake!
  7. That's terrible! Would you mind posting pictures of the bag? I had an icy taupe Stam and my pictures show that the inside of the pocket was red canvas... not the burgundy suede used for the interior.
  8. i have a fall 05 bordeaux stam and the lining of the inside pocket is definitely not burgundy suede or even burgundy for that matter. like melly said, it's red canvas. the repair person must be mistaken since a. you bought that bag from a mj boutique b. it can't be a leftover from a bait and switch scam because mj doesn't accept returns. i hope this turns out well. good luck!
  9. Wow! So sorry to hear all this trouble. I hope that you get it figured out. It sounds like the MJ repair person doesn't know what they're talking about. Since Melly and Tad confirms that the pocket lining is different from the bag's lining. Maybe you can post pics??? I really hope this misunderstanding gets starightened out. Since you bought the bag from an MJ boutique, I don't see how it can be fake.
  10. Thaks you guys. You are so awesome. I will post pics as soon as I know more. I left the bag at Nordstroms because they offered to send it to another repair shop. I am waiting for the receipt so that I can send this back to Marc. I did contact Marc HQ but no response yet. I will keep you all posted...I just have bad karma when it comes to these stores in Calif..sad to say. I have NEVER had a problem in fact fantastic service working with Chris out of NY. He is the my kids would say. Oh, can you hear the eyebrows going up if they heard me now...mags
  11. I think you should definitely stay away from the SF store. You seem to get the worst service from them. If you post pics of the interior, with nameplate and serial tag, we can help you. Hopefully it's real and the repair team made a mistake.
  12. and to add, my taupe fall 05 has the red canvas lining.....damn people dont know their bags! :cursing:
  13. My 05 petrol MP has a dark red colored canvas pocket. My 05 taupe stam also has the same colored canvas pocket. I just took the taupe stam to my shoe repair place and they must have squeezed the kisslock clasp tighter and that fixed it.
  14. oh man..thanks you guys. Mypurses24..such helpful info. THANKYOU mags