Petrol Stam, Do you have any pics?

  1. I was wondering if anyone has a picture of the Petrol Stam? I am on the look out for a second hand one and I don't know much about what to look for when authenticating one. If anyone has any tips on trying to distinguish the fakes from the real thing, please let me know!!
  2. Hi there! I haven't seen one IRL, but if you are looking for it on eBay, I'm almost certain that it is the most popular "faked" Stam, please be careful.
  3. Thanks SuLi! :smile: I am just keeping an eye out for one....I know Ebay is a nightmare for finding the real thing...but I'd like to know what a real one looks like and what the main differences are between the "fakes" (yuck!) and the real thing before I make any purchases in the future...fingers crossed that someone wants to part with the real thing soon!
  4. ^^^I would love to know the same information :smile:
  5. All authentic MJ bags have "riri" embossed on the back of the zippers not "lampo"
  6. ^ sorry, not true. my 05 bag is lampo.
  7. Winona77 is right. The FW 05 stams have lampo zippers.
  8. I've found a pic that I saved from tfs of an authentic FW 05 petrol stam in smooth nappa leather.
    MJ quilted stam nappa tfs.jpg
  9. Gorgeous! I would love to feel that leather...
  10. Did Lindsay Lohan have that exact blue petrol one pictured above? The pictures that I have seen of her look different. I guess the flash makes it look different.
  11. That's true... her photo makes the leather look more textured, almost icey looking. This photo definitely looks very smooth.
  12. Oops, I have been corrected. My original information about the petrol not being produced in icy leather was from bad MJ SA information (you can never trust an SA). I should have realized that it was incorrect because there are definitely icy leather petrol quilted cammies, venetias, and wallets. I think Lilo's is the icy leather version.
  13. That's okay. Thanks for the picture anyways. I do like the icey version of the petrol.
  14. Thanks for the picture...the petrol really is a stunning colour. I have just snagged myself a stam in blush, which will cure my stam fever until I can find a petrol!!
  15. Blush Stam is very beautiful, I love it!!! Congrats! =)