petrol stam at MJ NY

  1. FYI there is a petrol east/west stam available in the MJ boutique in New YorK. It is an evening bag so it's small. Would have gotten it but didn't like the fact that the kisslock was just it bit loose. Price is $795 and it's the last one.
  2. I think it's the Little Stam. =)
  3. It's more of an east/west style bag. It has a long body vs. the round coin purse look (little stam).
  4. Newbie, I remember that style now. I believe it was only made for Fall 2005, I thought the shape was somewhat weird (i'm sorry to those of you who love it).

    Thank you for sharing. =)
  5. wow, hope someone jumps on it, this color is rare for any stam style!
  6. That is a very hard color to find! Absolutely gorgeous, I hope someone gets it!
  7. This is Fall 05's E/W Frame Bag ($775USD), picture is from Eluxury.
    To me, it doesn't look good in real life. Petrol only worked on the original Stam. Other Petrol styles didn't fly of the shelves like all the Stams from Fall 05. Many people were able to find other styles in Petrol at heavily discounted prices at stores a while ago.

  8. If anyone is looking for Fall 05's Quilted Stella, MJ store in LA still have Bordeaux, Petrol, and Taupe. Other MJ stores might have some too.
  9. anybody has a F05/R05/S06 stam they wanna let go?