Petrol Spy?

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  1. Can anyone tell me whether this is the petrol color of the Spy (under the Balenciaga)? How would you describe the petrol? Does anyone have the Spy Satchel? Opinions on which is better?

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  2. i think it is. i like the spy better, satchel is kind of boring imo
  3. The petrol is sooo pretty. I agree with nawth21...the spy is much nicer than the satchel. The spy is less structured than Chloe and Balenciaga bags. The leather is very soft. The handles can be worn on the shoulder (no coat), but the handle drop is less than the Chloe satchel for example. (OMG...I have "auditioned" so many bags...)
  4. Ceejay a fellow PF member is selling that bag Nicole is carrying in that photo!!!

    hahaha I've auditioned a ton as well:wacko: :biggrin:
  5. I think Nicole is carrying the Spy in Teal, not petrol. Petrol is more blue than green.
  6. so teal and petrol are diff? i had no idea...
  7. I saw the Petrol described AS teal, so I am confused, as well. I have PMed CeeJay...waiting for her response. How large is the medium Spy?
  8. i've been trying to sell my hologram spy. i think it's large? not sure. anyone know? cee jay's is the medium sized.
  9. How much size difference is there between the medium Spy and the Spy Satchel?
  10. i saw the satchel IRL, it is way smaller than the spy. the satchel really is about half the size.
  11. I love the spy bag
  12. I thought the larges were only made for a short while? I think you can tell the larges because the sides really stick out, there isnt that round profile to them :weird:
  13. oh really? damn, that must be HUGE. and i thought mine is huge. hahaha.
  14. I think this one is somewhere in the realm of large.

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  15. Wow Nawth, that bag is HUGE!!!

    Fayden, you saw the spy satchel? Which size Chloe bag would you say it compares to in size? I may be able to relate better to that! Still waiting to hear from CeeJay. Her bag is gorgeous, but I am worried that it might be too big. And too expensive!