Petrol Spy

well .. i tried soo many boutiques in europe but as i'd said previously in VEIN =( all said its impossible and in vein to get my hands on one

and to be honest i dont tend to the new colors .. honey.. white .. and the ones with designs on them . they'r sweet yes ..but not me

i need more fresh color such as etc =)

i may go for the hologram .. will check again =)

thanx all
WOW. Gorgeous color! Someone else posted that they have a Fendi store credit they would like to get rid of, so you might check the recent posts...maybe you can work something out?
Chloe said:
Vanilla Addcit .. thanx soo much sweet heart .. ur soo honey-full ...
the problem is i cant get fendi swis's # any where.. i tried thru google but nothing appeared ...can u get me the #? thanx again sugar ..
i havent done anything dear :shame: i wish i could be any help and get u the numbers but honosntly dear my country doesnt have a Fendi botique :cry: !! We only have a few Fendi stuff through Saks..:wacko:
i was listing those cities cause i've been there in summer vacations:amuse:

i tried searching for the numbers in the net with no luck :sad:

not that i am saying give up searching dear.. but if it makes u feel any better now.. if u havent seen the bag in person before in that color u are looking for.. put in your mind you might not like it when you see it in Real life :amazed:
i always have this concept: dont go nuts about something unless if u have at least seen it once in person! :worried:

hope u find it or even find a better one :biggrin:
:love: u r piece of sugar

ur right about the concept of seeing the item in real life b4 getting it .. i'd seen spy in real life and tried it and its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo me.. it looked soo good althought am 160cm .... the thing is i havent seen petrol in real life BUT had seen loaaaaaads of pix of it with different lighting and with/ without flash..let me tell u its stunnning all the time ...

anyway .. am hopleless already .. as i said previosuly.. i might go with the hologram :idea:

thanx again
Word of advice is to be careful when you are buying stuff from ebay especially on handbag.
Before you bid make sure you ask questions you have to the seller beside the authenticity of the bags. For examples ask about the conditions of the bag;how is the leather looks, any scratches, or imperfection on the bag. I too wanted the spy petrol so bad and almost bid one time on the ebay but thank goodness when I asked my concern about the perfect bag (that's what I wanted), the seller was honest to me and send me more pictures so I could decide. I didn't bid because there were scratches and on the leather and I didn't see it on the pics the seller posted on the Ebay. Good luck and be careful so you won't be disappointed:biggrin: .
Sweetea ... Oh . i just wanna Hug u .. thaaaaanx thaaaanx thaaaaaaanx .... am still trying to get my hands on one ... some boutiques give me hope and some say its Impossssssible ..but i will keep searching =)