Petrol Spy

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  1. Hiii girls ...
    i know am toooooooooo late to ask for this but i didnt notice this color untill i saw the pix in a previous thread ..:love:

    i tried calling several european boutiques but in vein :cry: ..
    am realllllllly dying to get the PETROL SPY ...seriosly ... can u girlz help me locate one? or advise me where i can put my hands on one?

    note: pic taken from the bag showcase thread :idea:
  2. i am so sorry i cant help much!! :cry:
    but i wish you good luck finding it! <<i know that feeling if you really want something sooooooo badly!!

    although i have not bought anything from ebay before.. but you might want to try your luck and search there? (or at least make it your last choice of finding it) :idea:
  3. ^^ thank u soo much sweet heart ... i tried searching also on ebay .. in vein ..most r fakes Cry .. thanx again sweeet heart
  4. Have you called the Fendi Palace in Rome? I can't remember the street, but its by the Spanish Steps.
  5. ^^ i called one boutique in Rome .. i dont know exactly in which city .. the SA told me its discontinued and there's no way i can locate 1 .. but i stilll got hope in getting one ,,

    do u have the fendi palace boutique?

    thanx in advance
  6. I will look it up. There should be some in a boutique somewhere! If you see one on eBay, post here to see if its authentic so everyone can give their opinion.
  7. Here is the number (i think) 06-696661, the country code is: 39. If you are calling from the states, leave off the 0 before the 6.

    Hope this helps, let us know.
  8. awww u are most welcomed..:biggrin:

    i just remembered something.. i know there is a small Fendi boutique in Zurich.. it is located in the famous shopping street near the train station.. i got the street name: bahnhofstrasse-zuerich
    i am sorry i dont have their number! but i am sure if u called any Fendi in switzerland they'll have it..:worried:

    another place you should try searching in is: dusseldorf-germany
    although i dont remember weather if i saw a Fendi boutique their or not.. but i am sure there is, because its such a fashion city with lots of beautiful designer boutiques..:smile:

    hope you find it :sad:
  9. i actually really like it in that color.
  10. I have the Petrol Spy Bag (Medium size) ... if I decide to part with it, I'll let you know. I've only used it 2-3 times. It seems as though I use the Cognac one more (although I've been on my Balenciaga bandwagon as of late!).
  11. it is disolcated on via del corso, via borgognona and via tomacelli
    the spanish steps are 3 minutes wlakf rom there, you have to cross the famous via condotti to arrive from the fendi palace to the spanish steps.
  12. BorsaBella .. so sweet of u 2 get me the number .. i will call them today and check with them .. i really hope if i can get my hands on one =(

    Vanilla Addcit .. thanx soo much sweet heart .. ur soo honey-full ...
    the problem is i cant get fendi swis's # any where.. i tried thru google but nothing appeared ...can u get me the #? thanx again sugar ..

    Fayden .. u like it :P i adooooore it .. btw ur hologram spy is stunning ,, enjooooy it =)

    CeeJay .. thaaaaaaaaaaaaanx huney ,, soo sweet of u ... =)

    divina .. thanx 4 passing by =)
  13. Borsa i tried calling the # u gave me but it didnt work =(
  14. Must have changed. Sorry, I wasn't any help. Maybe someone that lives in Italy will have it or can get it.
  15. i'm in italy but i cannot find the number of the fendi palace, and i won't pass there in these days, i'm sorry:Push::sad: