Petrol spy on Neiman Marcus

I hit the websites this morning, before I had to start cooking the christmas dinner and could not believe it, their are brand new spies 2007 on Saks website not just the new denim one but others, and the Blueberry in for pre-order on Neiman Marcus - now thats what I call christmas presents
Thanks for letting us know about the new spy sightings! I love the gold/bronze one on saks...I already have the gold and silver...wonder how this one is different from the gold....and just when I had determined not only to not buy more but to sell some of what I have!!

Merry Christmas to all pursebloggers!
Its still on their, type in Fendi spy on the Neiman Marcus site, I think its the first picture, theirs a drop down box on the pre-order spy and their is the colour Blue. Anyone seen the Black patent and the new squirrel colours out on the Saks site? what do you think......