Petrol Spy is here! woo hoo

  1. Here is my petrol spy that I received yesterday, Pics I feel dont show the colour as it really is. I would say its a teal colour, these pics show as a lighter blue - will try and take pics at the weekend outside in daylight to show colour differently.

    So here she is - she's called BP!

    Now what can I have as my next one????

  2. oh SS, you lucky lucky girl.

    I love everything about her, whats her condition like, she looks incredible :biggrin:

    next, err its going to take alot to compete with this one, so I am not sure!!
  3. Thanks CB

    Condition is great - I did really well

    Defo pleased

    Want another WIsteria now - NEED another wisteria now!
  4. :drool: Congratulations on your fabulous new baby BP - she's breathtaking! :drool:

    Where did you find your her!?!?

    :death: Y'all are killing me by aquiring these lovely spies this week! And here I am, still dreaming about a petrol myself! Send some good bag karma my way, PLEASE! :nuts:
  5. Thestar

    Aww sending you lots of bag karma down the internet highway. Your time will definately come. I waited a long time to get one, a really long time. I was in the right place at the right time when a friend was letting hers go - I jumped in there straight away.

    Don't you worry us gals on here will keep our eyes posted for you
  6. :yahoo: I love it SS! What a fabulous bag! I bet she looks great on you :love:
  7. Thanks Bal - yes shes certainly looking good thats for sure!
  8. Wow, I LOVE that color. For some reason I thought the petrol was almost an inky, navy, color. But this is gorgeous!! Darnit, I can barely afford one Spy and already I'm thinking about a second..and a third..and..
  9. THanks Stophl

    The new blueberry is definately more Ink coloured - have it on my wishlist too!!

    Hee hee you can never settle for one!
  10. OMFG I LOVE that colour!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love:

    You lucky, lucky woman!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  11. OMG Sam!!! Your BP is GORGEOUS!!! Such a great colour, I love must post a family pic soon!:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. That color is amazing! :nuts:

    I have to stop coming here to see all the fab colors! :drool:

    Must be satisfied with my black Spy, must be satisfied with my black Spy, must be satisfied with my black Spy, must be satisfied with my black Spy, must be satisfied with my black Spy... :sweatdrop:
  13. Oh my, Secret, that's a fabulous, rich color, pristine petrol spy! :nuts: You actually did a very good job capturing the color. Comes through nicely, super-saturated and scrumptious! Congrats on an ultra-rare score!!:heart:
  14. Congrats - that's a lovely petrol!
  15. Secret - Absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats!!! The petrol is by far one of the best colors for this bag. :drool: