Petrol Perfection!

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  1. We are still on break at school, and I hadn't put these together until now. For anyone interested in Petrol, here is a lovingly worn TME (2 months)and a brand new Angel Purse! I also included the turqoise Angel Purse!

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  2. I always love seeing pics of petrol! It's such a beautiful blue!
  3. What a beautiful bag. Petrol takes my breath away every time!
  4. What a beautiful shade of blue! Just gorgeous!
  5. Super cute! I probably will spot you in San Diego quickly.
  6. Thanks for posting the contrast of petrol versus turquoise - it really helps get a perspective of the colors:ty:
  7. You are much welcome! The turaqoise is a great spring/summer color - would love to get a bag in this leather but I cannot be ordering another bag for several months! A WTM would be my first choice! With the LM midi as my second!

    Maya - hope to run into you in SD!
  8. I LOVE petrol. I haven't taken the plunge yet but really hope to someday soon.

    mayajuliana, are you in SD too? So am I, as well as dogdoc whom I've met IRL. That makes at least 4 BE fan in San Diego. Woo hoo!
  9. Soooooooooo pretty! I love seeing all the shades of blue.
  10. ahhh petrol is so lovely! it's one of the colors that first attracted me to BE, although I have yet to purchase a bag in this leather!
  11. ^^kcd, that is just like me! But I was drawn to the dark grey in the Love Me and still have not ordered this classic BE bag! I do have a LM midi on order in Plum Crash.
  12. ooh, so pretty! I didn't know you had APs in petrol and turquoise, Sandy!! Lovely!!!
  13. Hey, that's my purse! This was my BE "virgin no more" purchase. I have been using it for the past week and:heart::heart::heart: it...I can not keep my hands off of it! The color is stunning and the leather is just getting better by the day.
  14. I just love this! The petrol is fantastic, and anyone who wants to wear a color but is a bit afraid should try this. I'm a very neutral girl, but this color can be worn with everything. It's a stunning, year round color. Big congrats! Love the APs, too!
  15. That Petrol bag is so lovely - both eye catching and subtle - such a clever color. I am glad to see that it has worn really well. I have a lovely Petrol MMS Midi sitting in my cupboard. I must get it out if and stop dreaming about buying even more BE bags! Thanks for reminding me that some of my mad impulse buys were actually pretty brilliant.