Petrol or Wine Stroke me or Both!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was just emailing with Jackie and explaining to her how torn I was between the petrol and wine Stroke Me. Well, guess what ladies? I didn't know this, but, because she is making me a Petrol on special order, she offered to see if she could make a wine for me at the same time if that's what I wanted.

    Wow. Now I have a big decision to make this weekend. And you know what I"m about to do next ladies, right?

    Ask for everyone's feedback and opinions!!!!! I love hearing from all.

    Should I just go for it and get the two colors I love? The chocolate wasn't for me for a few reasons, mainly, I love love the glossy, shinier leathers and both petrol/wine are. And the matte was a bit more structured for me then the others. But, I can see where others would still love the chocolate.

    Bottomline, I think every BE is gorgeous and who knows, maybe I"m just destined to have one in every color someday!
  2. I think you should get both if you really love it! They look like the type of timeless bags you would keep for ages. You could just switch the colors out depending on what you are wearing or what look you are going for. They are both stunning! Do let us know what you decide!
  3. Thanks for the support!

    And congrats on your mottled gold! It's gorgeous. Post pics soon!
  4. Of course! Thanks for the help on my dilemma too, lol!
    Just to warn you, I'm a very good enabler! I can easily enable myself and those around me when it comes to gorgeous bags, lol. :nogood:
    The Stroke Me bags look exquisite and so very functional which is why I think two would be perfectly justifiable...I'm awaiting my very first one in glossy tan from the sale! :drool:
  5. I like your style!!!!!
  6. Aw thanks. :shame: You too! :yes:
  7. i say go for both! (if you can financially ofc, don't want to enable you into debt! since that's just mean)
  8. I'd say pick ONE and get the other colour in another style if you must have both colours. Two of the same bag in different colours is a tad overboard when you consider what beautiful styles BE has to offer. I have a petrol Take Me Anywhere and a Love Me in purple. :yes: