Petrol multipocket - size question

  1. is the large size virtually impossible to find? I like the color, just want the large size! Those of you with the small size, can you fit your cell phone into the side or front pockets?
  2. ^ The last time I checked with MJ boutique in LA, both sizes of Fall 05's QUILTED Multipockets are still available in the following colors and leather types:

    QUILTED Multipocket ($1100USD) in Bordeaux (nappa leather), Petrol (nappa & icy), and Violet (nappa).
    QUILTED Lg Multipocket ($1300USD) in Bordeaux (nappa leather), Petrol (nappa & icy), and Violet (nappa).

    Nappa leather is smooth and baby-butt soft. Icy leather is glazed, shiny, and pebbled.

    If you are interested, please ask for Stella at 323-653-5148. If you would like to contact her via e-mail, PM me for her addy.
  3. wow, Baglover, you're amazing! Is this the one with the chain strap? I thought it'd be on sale by now. Sounds like a lot of folks got the smaller petrol chain on sale back last year. Unfortunately, I've spent way too much to get the bag at full price right now. Oh, and what's the difference between nappa and icy petrol? Is the icy the pebbly one?
  4. Quilted multipockets have chain shoulder straps (funkier).
    MJ stores generally don't have sales on bags, past season items are still full price. It's true that Bordeaux & Petrol Quilted Multipockets were heavily discounted last year at non-mj stores, some members got theirs for a little over $300USD.

    Quilted styles were available in both nappa and icy leather in Fall/Winter 2005. Nappa leather is smooth and baby-butt soft; icy leather is glazed, shiny, and pebbled.
  5. A little over $300?!! Wow! What a steal! I'd love to get my hands on one of those!
  6. I have a Petrol quilted small mutli-pocket and I can't fit my small Nokia phone in the pocket. I can place it in the pocket but the flap won't close over. Also it's a little hard to open the buckle like say if you walking down the block. I think it's a good place for like a lip gloss or small mirror. Because it could get annoying trying to unbuckle and buckle the pocket everytime your phone rings.
  7. I've got the quilted MP in petrol color. My cell phone fits in it. I have a Razr phone though. I put my ear piece in one pocket and my cell in the other. I rarely use the side pockets though.
  8. Thanks for your input, ladies! I don't have a razor so my cell probably won't fit into the pocket. I like the large because my cell easily fits the pocket. Too bad I can't find it on sale!:crybaby:
  9. I was lucky. Found it on Saks last August.

  10. you got the large one? I'm so jealous!!!:nuts:
  11. I'm taking a poll - do you like this in the icy (grainey) or nappa?
  12. Lurker here... this is my first post.

    I was lucky enough to find this bag on sale (small petrol) at Saks last year.
    I have a razr and while it fits in the pocket, it doesn't fit nicely. The padlock will barely close and I feel like I'm straining the leather. Most of the time, I'll just leave the flap open if I put my cell phone in a pocket.
  13. I love the icy leather b/c I like the shine and I think it is more durable than nappa. It does not scratch!
  14. Hey, thanks for posting your first message on my thread! Welcome! I'm rather new too and have been addicted to this forum! Thanks for the info on your bag. Do you mind me asking how much you got your bag for? I'm wondering what the price drop was at Saks. Thanks and welcome again!
  15. About 60%off retail.