Petrol Blue Spy

  1. the leather doesnt' look right to me. i dont think it's authentic
  2. Wow!!:wtf:....I agree, it's appalling! I too believe it's a FAKE, the leather is alittle off and the price is still way too low for slightly used....retail price for this bag is around $2100 tax not included.
  3. I don't think it's authentic, the lining looks a little off to me.
  4. petrol leather color is also waaaaaayy off. stay away. glad no one met the reserve.
  5. Looks too navy. Seems as though they are reading tPF. The description mentions some of items we discuss hologram tag and the whole where should the "A" be located issue, texture...
  6. Note that the texture looks kind of like melted wax. Authentic bags have much crisper outlines in the texture. You can even see the creases. Nothing so fluid, and "melted" as that fake.
  7. its definitely fake ...