Petra Nemcova

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  2. She is just STUNNING!!! I hope she is happy now!!!:yes:
  3. This is not a couple that I would expect to get together.
  4. Me either, but I hope they are happy and everything works out.
  5. She's just a beautiful person!

    I didn't know who she was until she came forward w/ her tsunami survival story. . .
    she's stunning indeed!
  6. she's so hawt! and hes not as bad as i thought he was before. hehe
    he's coming to my city.. woot.. soo going to that concert.

    maybe he like sings 'you're beautiful' to her at night.. aww haha
  7. I thought I read that she was with Bruce Willis? She's a beauty-
  8. Who is she?
  9. She has a thing for British guys
  10. A model. A very famous face in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions :smile:
  11. this is one pairing I just don't understand
    gorgeous woman and pasty, pigeon chested man
    I guess there's hope for us all
  12. they're adorable together :tender:
  13. Thanks! :flowers:
  14. she must really like british guys...cause her previous boyfriend who passed away in the tsunami was also british.Anyways I hope she's happy with James...cause she truely deserves it.Her story about her experience in the tsunami really made me sad and I just wished the best for her..and I'm glad she was able to find love again.

    goodluck to both of them!~
  15. she's kinda cute!!james blunt looked kinda rugged...Grrrr