petra ecclestone's ripped jeans?

  1. Can anyone ID please? Thank you.
    Petra+Ecclestone+Shops+Friend+_mnyFTsh-zSx.jpg Petra+Ecclestone+Shops+Friend+X_9CyL2cTRCx.jpg Petra+Ecclestone+Shops+Friend+m5omzmkAIHAx.jpg
  2. Any ID on the sandals! LOVE these!!
  3. Sandals are Valentino Rockstud! they come in different variations, pointy-toed flat, pointy-toed kitten heel, and these open sandals. perhaps another poster can confirm the name of this particular style?

    No ID on the jeans yet?? i have to know what they are!! it is so hard to find a nice looking pair of ripped denim!
  4. Yes, they are te Valentino Rockstud Gladiator sandals. Used to be available on

  5. Judging from the back pockets and the small logo on it, they are rag and bone/jean. I can`t find the exact match but this is the closet I have found to them: