petition to help house bunnies...

  1. I got this email from Best Friends animal shelter, a nonprofit, no-kill, organization I donate money to in Kanab, UT.

    Basically, PetSmart is not going to allow people to adopt shelter bunnies anylonger in stores that are now going to sell bunnies for profit.

    In the end, this new mandate is a death sentence for many shelter bunnies.

    All Best Friends is asking is for us animal lovers to e-sign a petition that will be sent to the CEO of PetsMart.

    You can follow this link to read the letter and then e-sign the petition if you like.

    Here is a copy of the email text I was sent:

    After years of supporting pet rescue organizations by allowing the set up of adoption satellites in PetSmart stores across the nation, PetSmart has made the decision to sell house rabbits. This is a dilemma to rescue and humane organizations everywhere. Best Friends joins other animal welfare organizations by asking for your support. Ask PetSmart to do the right thing for all homeless animals by only allowing adoptions of homeless rabbits in PetSmart stores.
    Our voice is not enough. We need you the member, the consumer, to let PetSmart know what you think. We ask you to send this to three friends and family members. Help us ask PetSmart's President and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Robert Moran to reconsider this decision.
  2. OK, I signed!
  3. OMG so sad...I will definitely sign!
  4. Thankss for the info! I just signed and passed it on to a couple people!
  5. when I signed the petition I was # 1469; NOW it is up to 14,700 people who have signed.
  6. I would sign it but am in Canada so don't know that it would count.
  7. ^ I don't see why it wouldn't...:yes:
  8. done! thanks for the info.
  9. I signed! Poor bunnies! We have a bunny and :heart: him!
  10. Okay, I signed it.
  11. Signed! I think bunnies are some of the best pets out there
  12. ^bump. Just thought you would all want to know that Petsmart retreated.... victory for the bunnies! Thanks to everyone who signed!
  13. I signed it and also forwarded it to some of my friends.
  14. excellent! thank you! Animals need our help! :smile:
  15. Yay I just found this thread but signed it anyway, as we have PetSmart stores in Canada as well.