Petition for a Hayden-Harnett Forum!

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  1. I think if we get a bajillion signatures (or votes), we can make it happen!

    Hayden Harnett is awesome. MBMJ is my first love but HH is edging its way closer and closer into my heart.

    I vote for a Hayden-Harnett Forum!
  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Me too! :yahoo:
  3. Sounds good to me.
  4. Another vote here! :tup:
  5. You've got my vote!! :tup:
  6. YES, please give us an HH forum. :tup:
  7. count my vote!!
  8. I am just discovering these bags and I LOVE THEM! Ra! to the idea of a forum!

    In fact, I called there today to ask a question and got to talk to the male half of the HH team! WHEN do you EVER get to talk to the actual designer and give them feedback!? It was super cool!!!
  9. there's already a thread in Feedback Dropbox.
    Feel free to join the current conversation there:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.