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  1. Do Burberry carry petites sizes? I'm looking for a nice coat and I love burberry but they seem to long and big for me. Any one know if I can order in petite size?

    Thank you
  2. Some styles do come in petite sizes but not everything does.
    I know that you can get some of the petite sizes in the larger boutiques. Also, Nordstrom's online carries a range of petite sizes.

    You can always get things hemmed -- I got an Ivybridge trench during the sale and given that I'm quite petite (barely skimming 5'0!), I need to have both the sleeves and the hem taken up!
  3. Thank you for your information. Great advice about altering pieces.:smile:
  4. Hi! I'm 4'11" and slim, so very petite! I've seen Burberry in petite sizes on as lilyelloworchid said, but have never actually tried them.

    What I do have is two regular Burberry trenches, in size 2 that I had tailored. I got the Harbourne trench, which is meant to hit mid thigh on a taller person, but on me is hits at the knee. I got the sleeves shortened, and the sides taken in just a smidge. The other I have is the Ledstone (I think it was a Fall 08 style, not sure if it's gonna come back as a regular style) which also hits me at the knee, and again I had the sleeves shortened and the sides taken in just a bit. They fit great, and I'm a an exceptionally tiny person!