**PETITES** Where do you SHOP?

  1. Im 5'1, 105 lbs and I was wondering which stores do you petite girls find the best clothing?

  2. I wish I could answer, but I have never found any set stores that I can always go to, to get things that fit me. But!
    > Ann Taylor Loft petites slacks in zero fit me perfect in every way, and there are shorter inseams
    > Delias jeans have shorter inseams and also fit great, I refuse to branch into designer jeans, but I still get Levi's jeans too even though they're a little long for me, Express jeans sizes have gotten bigger? The zero falls down from my waist D: but I used to be a size 2 in their jeans and slacks, don't know what happened there
    > Dress shirts at The Limited work better for me, the sleeves aren't so long so they dont end up looking baggy
    > I love Theory blazers
    > I don't shop at Hollister/AE/A&F/and the like, but I'm pretty sure you can find things that fit there, if you don't already get things from there; I prefer the Jimmy'z outlet, same stuff, perhaps same parent company, but a fraction of the cost
    > I'm pretty sure you can always find something that fits at Bebe or Cache, but those stores aren't my kind of store
    > I always get random finds at Neiman's Last Call for shoes and clothes for something specific I'm going to
    > I'm a size 2 for anything BCBG/To the Max

    I guess overall in general, nothing too different, maybe that helps
  3. I shop at Ann Taylor Petite section and in Bloomingdales
  4. Banana Republic petite / Bebe/ DVF / Juicy / Bennetton.
    There's nothing a good tailor can't fix!
  5. I'm about your size and in my late 20s. I shop at Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and I.N.C. petites at Macys. I also shop at the juniors sections at Macys or Nordstrom because juniors clothes are cut smaller.
  6. I tend to buy most of my clothing for work at Ann Taylor. They consistently have cute things in petites that actually fit me without alterations. I've also bought a couple of Anne Klein suits that I love but I don't know where to get anymore. Did have to alter the pants though. I like Banana Republic too.

    When I'm not working I tend to wear Juicy sweats or other sweats and I just get them hemmed.
  7. Banana Republic
  8. I buy a lot of petite stuff online from Banana Republic, Gap and J. Crew.
  9. Banana Republic, Gap, Ann taylor,AT Loft, INC Macy's, J.Crew, are best bets for work clothes.
  10. Bloomingdale and Ann Taylor.
  11. For work clothes- BCBG (they carry XXS) and Club Monaco (00 and XXS)

    For almost everything else- Nordstrom
  12. Seconded! BCBG is where I have the most luck finding petite clothing. Their jackets/blazers fit ESPECIALLY well. :heart:
  13. BR and Club Monaco are good bets, but I found that their sizing are bigger compared to a few years ago...

    BCBG is a good store to try. I would also recommend checking out European (especially French and Italian) brands like Miss Sixty, Max & Co., and Sisley/Benetton.